hang in there

I'm coming, but I have to re-charge first. Anon, anon.

I see that one 'like' has checked in - but I didn't say anything yet.  

NOW, I have something to say, something nice.  I was busy today, still seeking an EDL (Enhanced Driver's License) to get me into the States next week to see my daughter in Boston (Quincy).  

I talked to a man waiting for the bus, admiring his hat: leather with a big brim and a feather head band. He got it in Australia years ago, he said. Maybe it was kangaroo. I said isn't it nice to be older and own clothes for a long time. So we talked a bit more and wished each other a good day. 

The Bay street bus driver was so cheerful,  greeting passengers as they boarded and thanking them for their fare. I made a point of getting to the front door when I exited so I could thank him and tell him how terrific he was.

The clerk at the main desk of Service Ontario where I have been going for several days was so helpful and sympathetic and went out of his way to get me a phone number to help me track my EDL and made a phone call to his manager to give her a heads-up on me when I call. I thanked him and wished him a blessing. 

The cashier at Loblaw's was so friendly as we discussed Omega 3 in eggs, and  how good they are with the yolk still runny and a bit of salt and pepper. We exchanged some other information about products we like.  She likes garlic, too. 

And I had $30 reward points and redeemed them so that was "rewarding"!  

It was a good day. Aren't people nice?