the blogosphere

Sysomos Inc. is a conduit of social media providing figures and analysis of media use; it reports on who we bloggers are. There are other similar services but I took my information from Sysomos. The blogging 'revolution', as it is called, began only about seven years ago, among young people (21-35 years old) and they remain the biggest percentage (53.3%) of users today.  Older bloggers, those over 50, account for only seven percent.  Interestingly, bloggers are split about half and half between male and female. 

The United States, as you might expect , account for the most bloggers  (29%), followed by the U.K., but Canada is number five (3.93%) in the world. Breaking it down even further, in North America,  they tell us that only one Canadian province is in the top ten of users - Ontario. 

So here we are and there are you: an aging, gender-neutral,  Canadian communicator, for whatever reason,  devoted to techie conversation, albeit mostly one-sided.  How are ya?

Oddly, this information makes me feel better.  No wonder I garner so few likes (but such dedicated ones!) because my audience is small.  Also I don't advertise. If anyone notices me, it's by word-of-blog.   I'm not writing in a vacuum, but I am in a kind of limbo and you are a border-line groupie.  What else?  It's likely you are a communicator as well, therefore with something of your own to say.  Go ahead and say it.  Comments are free for the making, and with impunity, but not without attention.  

Big Brother or Sister is watching.