too much

Hey,I just had a built-in editor!

 I was getting bogged down in an idea I was trying to work my way out of when Safari suddenly quit on me and left me with nothing but the title of this post .  So I can start again, more cleanly.  I still want to make my point, that we are so bombarded with too much raw, undigested information that we don't have or take the time to process and assimilate.  I am revising my NY resolutions and making them negative.

  Uppermost is this one: Do NOT BUY so much.

Food and books, for starters. I have a fridge and freezer bull of food and bookshelves full of books, a lot of it waiting to be consumed.  So start consuming.  Well, I do, have, am -  consuming all the time and I complain that i don't have enough time.  But if I didn't have so much stuff, so much backlog, then I would gradually have more time, wouldn't I?  I might also have some thoughts about what i've been taking in so thoughtlessly.  

I wasn't always like this. Either i was swifter (probably) or I was doing  less in the way of back-up.  I think that's true, too, because I had less stuff to back up. It takes a long time to accumulate all the stuff I have and it takes more and more time to sort it all out.  Half a century ago, literally, I thought my life would be complete, and organized, if I could just file some of the stuff I was collecting. I couldn't afford a filing cabinet but I found a Carnation Milk cardboard carton exactly the right size to hold file folders.  Wow.  I have genuine steel filing cabinets now but I'm still scrounging cardboard boxes to hold more files.  I'm spending the weekend on files, trying to organize all my clippings and stray thoughts and random ideas.  I know I know I know what you're going to tell me.  Put it in the computer.  I've tried DOO and EVERNOTE and I think there's one called SKITCH (?) but my mind is too linear, I guess, and besides, I love to handle and mark up paper.  Hey, where would the paperclip industry  be without paper?  I'm supporting an endangered species.  I don't mind if staples disappear because they're hell on fingernails to remove. But paperclips moor and tether and gather and corral  oh, and tidy my bits and pieces.  

How did I get on to paperclips when all I want to say is how important it is to stop the accumulation before it's too late?