keep going

I've said it before and others with me, that September is like a new year in terms of the resolutions and plans one makes for the coming season.  Yes, people make resolutions and plans for the calendar new year but it's different. It's more like girding one's loins and gritting one's teeth for a renewed attack, not a fresh project.  New lists help, though they're much like the old lists,  Cross off a few items, add some new, underline and star the nagging ones that are still unfinished - or never started?  What do you do for a kickstart on a tired  list?

Well,what a start!  I had to recharge the battery, came back and wrote a conclusion to discover that i wasn't logged on so I lost it.  I'm home now and I'll try to recap what I said.  I think I was explaining why I was pretty tolerant of weak resolutions because 45 years ago I succeeded at a major resolve - to quit smoking.  It was hard but I never started again. That resolution was a promise, one of the synonyms of resolution. (I looked it up.)

Resolution: intention, resolve, decision, intent. aim, commitment, pledge, promise.  Well, a promise to myself but maybe a pledge to my children.  (It worked: none of them smokes.)  

So that's what we do at this time of year.  We go on, we go on.  (I've said that before.)