a little more mail

Letters.  They are the reason most writers start writing, used to start. . Haven't people told you that you write wonderful letters?  You have to be - had to be - careful, not to write out all your best thoughts to mail away.  Not everyone saves other peoples' letters, you know.  Oh, and that's another thing, with the demise of mail.  Books, volumes, of letters have been published revealing relationships, insights, undercurrents, and even gossip of the time.  Where will they be now? Nowhere, that's where. That isn't the post office's fault. that's because 140 characters in a Twitter don't allow for many insights. To my knowledge, no one has published a serious book of Twitters, not yet. IMHO a book of shortcuts won't cut it. Have you noticed that rude business people, working in whatever medium, don't even use email or Twitter to reject or discuss your proposals?  Since when is silence a suitable response?  You'd think they could at least have a permanent signature on their computer so they could push one key and say, "Stuff it."   Sorry, I'm just going to get mad again. The trigger of my explosion of was the prediction that the post office will disappear in my/our lifetime. It's going to affect so many people, already has.  Mindsets will change as has lifestyle already.  SOW - I guess I can go on to something else that is related - was related - to mail: the cheque. Perhaps you had better save one from your current no doubt meagre supply, because when it's obsolete it may be a collector's item.  The disappearance of the cheque signals another change in lifestyle. More anon.