a blog a day

It's not easy.  Not when  you're doing other things.  Like multi-tasking.  Today I finished writing a review of John Samson's first book of poetry, LYRICS AND POEMS (2012). derived from his Indie rock group The Weakerthans, well, maybe not derived.  It seems his poetry and his lyrics have a symbiotic relationship and it depends which gets to you first, I think.  I like the words better than the music but that's just me.  What else?  I roasted some red peppers and marinated them for later use.  I finished building a soup, the last big soup before summer.  There's no room in my freezer for vats of stock and soup won't freeze outside now.  So it's gazpacho and saet supa (Icelandic sweet soup, served cold in the summer), and Turkish watermelon salad from now on - till October? Hum...oh yes, I took a long time putting in an order for office supplies (I needed a new shredder, for one thing). I don't handle those computer order forms well. so it takes me forever.  I went through a couple of hardware catalogues because I need stuff for my back forty - the balcony where I spend my time in the summer.  I'm going to try hollyhocks this year.  I'm not quite ready for a vineyard. This is not a blog, this is a stupid blow-by-blow of my non-thinking activities.  Did I mention I had a nap?   Well, some blogs are better than others.