to blog or not to blog

Well, what else am I going to do at this time of day?  I have 25 minutes before I swim and I've emptied the dishwasher.  Depending on the mood of the day, my supine thinking (as opposed to prone; I think supine means I'm on my back. I'll check) - is either full of noodges or overflowing with regrets, not very conducive to catching a bit more sleep.  If I'm free-roaming now, Icelandic verbs come to mind but they are elusive and require that I get up to check and I'm not ready to look up an Icelandic verb at 5:30 in the morning.  Perhaps when the mornings are brighter.  That will be soon. I think I have mentioned before that everyone should have an audience in mind when he/she writes a blog. Kurt Vonnegut always wrote to his sister, even after she and her husband were killed in a car accident, well maybe even more so because he and Jane, his first wife, took over the care of his sister's (5, I think) children.  I have chosen a different audience for my writing over the years, often depending on subject or proximity.  Lately, I think I have an audience of one, the person who gives me my daily approval.  So far, I'm getting 1 like a day. It's a long way from going viral, but I'm grateful for the incentive.  I think from now on that you, Jennifer, are my audience.  Thank you. I'm going to swim now.