More to do today: I have to plant the back forty.  The weather has been too nasty to plant the dear little (expensive) green things I bought last weekend and I have to put them into a nurturing environment now that a little warmth is creeping in, up and around. I don't have a green thumb or any remotely encouraging digital and I have to remind myself daily at all times of year to remember to water the living things in my care.  It's a daily surprise and an assault on the psyche. You'd think after all this time it would come as no surprise.  Not so. I've said this before or a variation on the theme, that everything is so daily, and I cannot get used to it.  I startle easily, too.  I get so deeply engrossed in my own thoughts I sort of forget where I am and when someone speaks or a door closes or or or - anything happens to jar me out of my reverie, I startle, always with a start, usually with a shriek - a soft one.  On our honeymoon, we had checked in to a hotel room and Bill used the bathroom first.  Minutes, nay, seconds later, he came out, saying something,  and I screamed. "Who were you expecting?" he asked. I guess it's the same with the plants.  They're quiet, but they do startle me.  The most startling thing is that they grow.  I hope so.