to blog or not to blog

I must write a generic letter today; it's been too long. So I guess I have to write the blog first.  I had a good sleep - five hours - my personal best.  I tried to go back to sleep but my brain was awake and by the time i rose to swim it was full of tramlines. (Among other things, swimming is good because it's like wet meditation and helps sort out the signals.)  Anyway, it would be good  to write a blog first and clear the tracks. I feel a little like Joe Btlsplk (is that how Al Capp spelled the name?)  I carry a little, dark cloud over my head all day but instead of flashes of lightning darting out of it there are light bulbs and Stop and Go signs.  We all live in a nice, cosy, private world but sometimes mine gets a little crowded and noisy, like yours, I'm sure.  That's why I can't stand head phones, ear phones, plugs, whatever.  There  is enough going on inside my skull without attacking it with wall-to-wall noise, or should I say,  bone-to-bone?  After this, and the generic, what will I have left to say to my diary? And what about my tracker?  (Are you acquainted with the Weight Watcher's Tracker? I have to record the points for everything I eat each day.)  And all that before I do any "creative writing".  Was ever a life so well documented?