does anyone out there like me?

I wrote that title a couple of days ago and I don't remember why.  I guess I'm just phishing, as they say, wondering whether anyone reads this.  I have almost finished reading Julie Powell's book Julie and Julia, based on her blog about cooking her way through (volume 1 of) Julia Child's book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I gather she reeled in a lot of people who followed her adventures in the kitchen, so many that her report warranted a book, and then a movie, thanks to Nora Ephron, RIP.  I must say that I enjoy her cooking more than her swearing.  Maybe it's a generation gap.  Next I will read Dearie, a bibliography of Julia Child, given to me for my birthday.  I won't be able to pedal with it because it's too heavy. I work out on a stationary bicycle in the late afternoon, one without handlebars to I can hold a book but it mustn't be too heavy.  I usually read mysteries, partly because I'm writing one, partly because they're lighter and easier to hold and mostly because they grab me enough to make me come back the next day and pedal/read again. The question is, what makes you come back, if, indeed, you do? Would you  like a recipe or a mystery?