in fallow fields ambition dies

I'm still caught in a web of inertia.  I gather from the TV news that a lot of people have been caught in some sort of paralysis like mine. Surveys re shopping revealed that the percentages were way down on people's completion of their shopping.  They all waited until this weekend before Christmas, apparently. Is it because Christmas occurs in the middle of the week and there was a false sense of security in the "extra" time the weekend allowed?   Or is there a surfeit of STUFF?  Or is everyone lethargic like me? When I referred to my laziness or whatever it is, at an unexpected luncheon  I attended, a person I just met but who had been told of my productive month of October spent writing, suggested that it was necessary after that spurt of work for my mind to go fallow, like a field at rest between crops.  It's a nice thought but then I read about the productivity of the writer James Patterson and knew I have no excuse at all.  I guess I'm due for some hefty new year's resolutions.  I do hope they last.  

I'm off to Boston for Christmas with my daughter and her family - always a revelation.  Although they are blood relatives, they are very different.  They're American and there really is a difference between Canadians and Americans.  I guess you already know that. Anyway, I'm taking me and you with me. Anon, anon.