the winter solstice

After this, the days will start getting longer.  In the meantime, there is this little folk festival of light to get through. I looked up light. So many meanings and variations and nuances in the verb, the noun and the adjective, of which more anon.  My power is failing… 

Which was appropriate, given the subject. The light that failed, and all that.  Well, so, the day flew by on ice-dredged wings. Will this addendum be dated yesterday or today? (TODAY)   Will my mind accept it as yesterday or today?  Ah, the decisions!  I think I had better make a New Year's Resolution to plan my blogs ahead.  I have two file folders now of blog-material. I have only thee, dear reader, and one or two more, who spasmodically check out what I'm saying. When I look at the number and variety of blogs available now to random readers, I quail.  Is this more reason, or less, to put some meat into the blog? Dry thoughts in a dry land. What would Eliot say? 

As I thought, December 21 got wiped.  This deathless prose is dated December 22.  Well, that takes care of today.  I wish you well. More anon.