inner dialogue

Whatever you want to call it,  however  you want to describe it, the inner dialogue is the ongoing undercurrent in your life, the cerebral traffic you can't seem to halt, until, as Sharon Butala said in her wonderful book The Perfection of the Morning, it slows down or stops, or goes silent -- something - and you're at one with the universe (I think). .  It may be like a massive, silent overdrive during which all your systems are go, with one goal.  Maybe like Flow?  Well, I'm not there yet.  I realized this morning, just a half hour ago, as I lay awake waiting for my eyes to click open for the day and thinking all the while, that my inner dialogue has ramped up.  It's not slowing down at all.  I'm enjoying it, actually, because the random thoughts are randomer-er and are going to prove very useful for the day. I just hope I remember them all.  I guess I have to get out on the primeval prairie as Sharon did and wander till I wonder where and who I am.  It's not going to happen.  I'm not much of a walker any more, not enough to take me out of myself.  Well, member C.S.Lewis, the urgent command in which Narnia book?  Farther in and farther up, no --  farther up and farther in. Don't need legs for that.  Just keep going. Curiouser and curiouser. Randomer and randomer.  Are you following me?