blah blog

I'm writing so much every day it's getting hard to write a blog, and  harder still to keep it separate from what I'm thinking about for my book.  But if/when I do, then it's going to sound like a diary and I already write a diary, too.  And I write the odd letter, I mean email.  So here is what has come uppermost, to chat about.  It's nothing you don't know, but then nothing I write is nothing you don't know - too many negatives there... Anyway, I've been doing a lot of research to check on dates, accuracy, fill in blanks and so on as I write. And I keep saying God bless Google. But with that lovely resource at my fingertips I'm going on little excursions to find out things I'd always wondered about, or even new things I wonder about.  Old thing: I had always meant to find out more about Texas Guinan, and I finally did. New thing: I looked up all the winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature and learned a lot. That was because of Alice Munro, for whom Yea!!  And here's a tidbit I found, looking deliberately for information for my book:  Did you know that Margaret Hamilton was only 36 when she played The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, and that she is 4th in the list of fifty most frightening villains compiled by the American Film Institute? Now you do.  I wish you would tell me something I don't know.  You have lots to choose from.