never underestimate anyone

I gave my required talk last night to the good people of this town that is hosting me in a retreat  - a house all to myself for a month to write.   It  was more like a fireside chat, very cosy. I sat down while I spoke -  more talking than I have done in over a week. (Well, I t talk to myself, but not out loud.) Thank goodness there was a jug of water, I had to drink a lot to lubricate my throat.  Two women, whom I had noticed for their responsive faces, came up after and introduced themselves, both writers.  I looked them up on the net. That's the beauty of it, you can find out about anything or anyone any time.  Both women are awesome. I never doubted it.  Did I tell you the population of the town is 527 people? I wonder what the other 525 people do - well, one of them drove me home and she was born in Denmark and has lived all over the world.  She and her husband liked it here, I think because of the dinosaurs, and decided to move in, about 6-7 years ago. She is a webmaster (mistress?) and is very good at it.  Look up Stegner House, which is where I'm staying; she created the website.