who cares?

 My blogging time has been cut by over 35 minutes because of two surveys.  Is it an indication of the nations' economy that businesses now want to do surveys so frequently?  Are they nervous? Do they want to put their fingers on the pulse of consumers? Pretty nosy, I'd say.  I liked the first one, although it was too long.  I got  tired of the second one; they keep on sending me questions and half the time they get bogged down in their loading problems. And they keep offering me rewards and I don't want a reward. I just want to be left alone.  Yet I'm curious about what they want to find out. And I sort of like quizzes and I miss my swimming so I have  the time.  But I'm getting hungry and I haven't written my blog yet.  I guess it will have to wait.  Why don't those survey people read blogs?