procrastination is a beautiful thing

I’ve told you before about a box I opened months after I had moved to discover that it contained unfinished mending that no longer fit anyone I knew. That’s one of the joys of procrastination and I am experiencing it again now. Yesterday I tackled what was supposed to be a current pile of neglected papers intending to sort, file and toss,and found that some of the material dated back to 2013. What a pleasure! I kept very little. Oddly, it made me feel very efficient.

I also discovered some lovely bits and pieces destined to be blogs, and you will be receiving some of those in the future before they begin again to molder in a fresh heap. That’s okay; I think they are timeless as the best blogs are.

This is random because again my power is ebbing, but just to tell you, I found one of my favourite words one that I already knew, in one of the glossaries in my Landmarks book. It’s hirple, to walk with a limp. I had thought it was Scottish but Macfarlane says it’s Irish. Both, probably. As I get older, that word becomes less and less obsolete and more and more appropriate. You may use it.

I’m going to have a power nap while my laptop does the same. I read this morning (NYT) that a 20-minute nap (I take half an hour) is as good as an extra hour’s sleep in the night. I could have told you that and now I have.