food again

I haven’t told you about Naan-pizza, have I? I’ve been doing it for quite a while but just for me. Tonight it provided a pleasant impromptu dinner for a neighbour and me. It’s an efficient, delicious way to use up a smattering of vegetables, whatever you have on hand, so I can’t give you exact amounts, or even varieties. But you can wing it if you know what you want as a finished product - dinner.

Take a Naan disc, or maybe two, as I did tonight. Put them on a baking sheet and spread each one with a generous amount of your favourite salsa, right to the edges, but not enough to ooze wastefully. Prior to this, collect the vegetables you want to use, appropriately chopped and sort of matching in size: a cooking onion is fine, but maybe there’s also half a red onion in the crisper or a leftover Vidalia; red or/and green pepper, celery, eggplant.I also added fresh sugar snap beans.  Tonight i had some leftover roasted red pepper and eggplant so they were already pre-cooked. If I’m using fresh, raw eggplant, I cut it up and pre-cook it in the microwave for a couple of minutes along with all the other goodies. Maybe they need a spritz of olive oil (basil oil is nice), or at worst, water. Spoon the veggies over the salsa-draped Naan, and sprinkle the entire surface generously with grated cheese: Parmesan, Oka, Cheddar. I used up Oka tonight. Bake 5-8 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Serve immediately.

It’s lo-cal, lo-Point, whatever, and fast and nutritious. Can’t give you the calorie count or sodium, fat, etc. I would hate to sound like a professional cook. Even though I published three cookbooks I was always a writer who cooks and not a cook who writes. As you may already know, leftovers have always been my specialty.

Any requests?