tomorrow didn't happen

I mean, it happened, but I didn’t. It’s today now, that is, October 29. You know that line, there aren’t enough hours in the day? Well, there are, if you stay up late, but by that time it isn’t today anymore, it’s tomorrow. I used up all my hours yesterday, and I used them well and fully, but then they ran out before I did. As it was, I fell asleep during the Series game - not a very exciting one, you must admit.

So, I have things to catch up with or on, depends which direction I’m facing.

I saw another production at Canadian Stage, this one at the Berkeley Theatre, a Beckett Trio, titled Not All Gone. Avant-garde when they were first written/(presented, the ideas still leap ahead of the audience, but not this time. I quote from Kelly Nestruk’s review: "It’s odd enough that Canadian Stage artistic director Matthew Jocelyn would program Beckett shorts (Not I, 1972; the urns Play, 1962; I can’t find the date of the mime play) three times over five years at a company ostensibly devoted to contemporary theatre and bold directorial takes (last fall, he also brought the Irish actress Lisa Dwan’s Beckett Trilogy in), but to return to the same ones?”

Me: well, rerun or not, these compact plays still provide entertainment and stimulation. The production is billed as a musical, but that’s a stretch. Again, Nestruk: “... it’s less clear why Shannon Mercer and Krisztina Szabo sing Viderunt Omnes by Irish composer Garrett Sholdice, but also From the the Grammar of Dreams by Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho.”

Me again: I didn’t feel they were integral to what was going on, nor to the wandering mime.

Next, the Art Gallery of Ontario.