I wish. I wish I were listless instead of just lazy.

Hey, it’s Labour Day weekend and I’m trying to line up my commitments and figure out when and how to deal with them. My list is overwhelming, and most of the items on it are imperative with imminent deadlines. I am slowly slowly working on them...

So why do I sit and watch the Blue Jays?

Most of the time, I write or make notes in between the tense moments, and stop when the bases are loaded and it’s a 3-2 count - well, you know. Today, though, I just watched the different pitchers, and marvelled at the slow, inexorable build of tension.

I won’t burden you with my pressures. We all have them. Other people’s moccasins and all that. Just let me ask you one thing:

Did you learn anything today?

Anon, anon.