a new day a new blog

Oh, it has been a long time. I was paralysed there for a while for a number of different reasons. Gradually the obstacles fell away or have been smoothed out and I m ready to wallow, to follow my thoughts where they will take me. All those cliches and half-truths emerge when you think about this kind of writing that W.O. Mitchell used to call “free-fall”. [W.O.Mitchell was a beloved Canadian writer (1914-1998) and a legend in his own time. If he’s been forgotten think what’s going to happen to you.]

So pause a moment before you write. Why are you doing this?

1) How do you know what you mean until you see what you say?

2) Write until you find yourself. (That will take a lifetime.)

3) You’ll never write as much as you read, but try to keep up.

4) Writing maketh an exact man/woman/person. It’s only when you write that you find out how much you don’t know or that what you think you know is only half-knowledge, a smattering of the whole.

It keeps you humble, at least.

is there anything you’d rather do?

More to come.