a lick and a promise

See, if I do too much one day, I’m a basket case the next.  Yesterday was busy, though not really productive, so today was blah and not productive at all. I keep reminding myself how blessed I am, how fortunate, what a good time I’m having, but I just keep dozing or goofing off.

Did I learn anything?  Let's see....

1) A new, sort of, recipe for eggplant caviar, using 2/3 of an eggplant I had to deal with. I'm going to have to blog about leftovers soon. 

2) Fifty-two places I should see this year in my travels, as recommended by the NYT. I read it earlier this year. Toronto is still the only place on the list that I’ve seen. I don’ mind. Travel is not as alluring as it was. It’s the tedium of getting there, wherever there is, that daunts one.

3) Several movie stars then and now, and what they look like, a sad reminder of how we all change and age. (They thrust themselves upon me when I was cruising eggplant recipes. I resisted the temptation to find out how much Nicolas Cage is worth and what George Clooney’s new home looks like,)

4) Nothing useful. I’m racking my brain…oh, yes, brain. Yes.

I started reading Norman Doidge’s recent book, "The Brain’s Way of Healing", Viking, 2015. Now that gives me something to work on. I am trying to recover from my three months of inactivity after my accident. My morning swim, always an addictive pleasure, has become a necessity, if I’m to keep moving. I have a Fitbit and I try to add stairs and more steps to each day. The first day I hit 8000 steps left me a lumpen thing the next day, but i’m getting stronger. Recovery time is better and the steps increase.  I will try to get my brain to help me.

Sp this is not a blog, really, just a progress report. Tomorrow - well, I can’t promise tomorrow. I’m gong away for the weekend, beginning at 7:30 on a Greyhound bus, actually, before that. I’ll be getting on a subway train about the same timeI I usually swim. That’s okay; I’ll be in a lake before the end of the day.

See how I go.