I'm still here

Here are some findings I clipped from a recent Zoomer magazine about longevity:

  • drinking one to five cups of coffee a day, decaf or not, is associated with lower mortality

*lower calorie consumption over the years is associated with longer life (in numerous species!)

*info about telomeres ( think of the thickened end of a shoelace) - the longer the better. Regular exercise delays shortening.

*regular consumption of spicy food is associated with decreased mortality

*having a positive outlook is associated with a sharper mind and a longer life


I read a recent report that the most you can hope for is 115 years, though other experts say more. So I have 20 to 30 years left, give or take. (God grant me my marbles)

*eat fish, live longer

*quit smoking, or don’t start, live longer

*do not go gentle into that good night