well maybe maybe maybe

ENDNGS: A BOOK FOR ALMOST EVERYONE by Betty Jane Wylie will be published, i.e. in my hands by the end of September. It has three ISBN numbers: one for hardcover, one for paperback, and one for an e-book. So it’s almost a reality.

Note: my professional name, on Google and all my books, is Betty Jane (Wylie), two words for my double name.. I started using Bettyjane to try to stop people calling me Betty. I hate being called Betty. (My domain, of course, is all one word: bettyjanewylie.com. You already knew that.)

Well, I thought that was the end of it,, or the beginning, depending how you look at it. But I have to look at it some more, must make sure. Some more. Again. I am almost blind from looking at it.

But I’ll look…..

And whaddaya know? They got it wrong again.

More work.