one a blog two a blog three a blog more

I just had an idea (it happens).

Whenever I read the TLS, I bubble over with rebuttals, enlargements, explications, sidebars and comments (plus notes on new books to read, familiar writers to check on, hitherto unknown facts to think about, etc.) Some of my reactions might be small enough to write a Letter to the Editor. Others are rich enough to warrant a full essay for Freelance. I make a note and keep going. But some of them won’t leave me or get repeated and I have something to say, though no time to say it. As for my blog, some days go so quickly doing other thing, like yesterday: more time at the Albany Clinic and a Radiology Lab, plus three business letters, a little cooking, people to chat over champagne on my balcony in the evening, the end of the baseball game and - no time for a blog before bed.

So why not combine the two? If you will bear with me, when I feel the need to say something to the TLS I could go bloggy with it first. If it warrants being developed or shared, I can enlarge or shrink or edit it. But you and I will get the first flight.

A blog bud, a blog blossom, a full-blown blog bloom.

I have one or two things in mind. In fact, I dropped one here a while back bur never returned to pick it up.

Coming soon.