two out of three isn't bad

Stratford again: I saw Nathan the Wise, The Merry Wives of Windsor and Her Mother’s Daughter. Two of them were unknown to me. I always like to learn something new. I also like to see something old and well-loved. I never get tired of Shakespeare. As an undergraduate I read the entire canon twice (once in a Renaissance course and the second time in a Shakespeare course, and because of my past close relationship with the Stratford Festival, I have seen the entire canon several times, including the infrequently produced Timon, Cymbeline and Pericles (with George Wilkins/) and the contested Two Noble Kinsmen (with John Fletcher?)

Anyway, I didn’t know anything about Nathan the Wise. I do now, I’m happy to say, though not enough.

More to come. I seem to be very busy these days, caching up with neglected duties, people, appointments, etc.

Maybe tomorrow?