milestone or millstone

Not sure. l I’ll have to write something before I decide. Soon.

Not that soon, as it happened. Yesterday afternoon I went to a play by a local (Toronto) playwright-friend whose marketing skills I admire as well as his writing. I have been much too passive in my production efforts, not only now because of my age and energy level but also because as a female of a certain class and era, I have been less aggressive . I was never very good at shameless self-promotion. Call it modesty or laziness.

This is about my friend’s play. Dave Carley is not a household name, but he has had 450 productions of his works (I’ve counted about a dozen plays, don’t have a definitive list), and he has made a living, augmented by a day job related to his expertise. His work has been seen in Toronto Fringes and small local theatres as well as elsewhere in Canada and the United States. I haven’t been elsewhere but I try to get to all his local productions. This one, Canadian Rajah, a two-hander, is not entirely new but it’s new to me and it’s one of the best of his that I have seen.

Based on a fascinating true story, the play haunted Dave’s mind for twenty years before he wrote it down (aka created it), and it couldn’t have come at a better time than now, with its story of racist imperialism. I don’t want to drop any spoilers, just to say it’s quite moving; the acting is excellent, Dave’s writing is impeccable. The play just launched and runs Wednesday through Sunday for the next three weeks at Campbell House.