there goes another one

The days do whip by. I’m still coping with the paperwork engendered by a workplace injury, plus doing Matt’s laundry, plus visiting. Haven’t given a thought to my work for two weeks. I remember Alice Walker once said it was possible to keep writing with just one child but - “two or more and you’re a dead duck.” Yes, well what about Danielle Steele; she had nine children last count.

From the moment he was born, Matt was always the equivalent of three or four children in terms of time, attention, work - and worry. I wrote his biography (The Book of Matthew) at about the same time that my friend and cohort, John Hirsch, received his Order of Canada. I sent John congratulations along with a copy of my book, saying that this was my Order of Canada. It took me years to get mine.

I don’t begrudge it, or Matt, don’t question it. It’s part of my job, the one I took on when I became a mother. I’m not selfless. Once in a while, though, I feel sorry for myself. No right. Matt has more to be sorry about.

So you see, another blog another bleat.

Tomorrow is another day.