another day another party

Matt and I usually get lumped together by the family on our birthday, and this year is no exception but it takes a little more planning. My parade people are bringing pizza and cake to Matt’s care centre and have arranged a private room for a tiny, quiet party. That’s nice.

I clipped a quotation from a reviewer in the TLS and find I didn’t record the name. I hope it’s fair usage. You can’t be too careful these days. But I must repeat it here and now because it expresses how I feel about my blog, especially now. Go read the TLS.

“…the wondrous thing about being human - the beauty and banality of it - is that we all tend to dwell in the same handful of elemental struggles, joys and sorrows, which is why a book one person writes may help another process her own life a century later, and why a ‘blog’ by a solitary stranger may speak to many other solitary dwellers across time and space.”

anon (that’s a pun)