here I am again

Sooo - today is the first day of the rest of Matt’s life. We got him transferred to a Reactivation Centre where he will learn to put his foot down on his pinned ankle and, I hope, lose weight, which will help his ankle, too. Then he will be transferred to a Rehab Centre to tone u his by that time atrophied muscles, and lose weight too, I hope.

Yesterday was busy. I must say one gets a different view of Toronto from an ambulance.. The weather was kind; the sun came out, and the view from his room, his home for the next six weeks, is lovely. So maybe I can relax and get back to work, allowing for a visit each day but less angst.

I was going to tell you my déja vu thought yesterday, including the account of my research for a screenplay about Matthew. I received a grant from Telelfilm Canada plus the assistance of an editor for a movie about an event in his life. It’s almost ready for production but few producers want anything to do with a story about a challenged young man who overcomes personal odds to achieve his goals. Pity. It’s a good one, the kind of role that made Leonardo Dicaprio a star - remember “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape “ ?

Visiting time. Catch you later.

That is, if you want to be caught.