Just as I was falling asleep, I thought of the mistake I had made: I referred to the Mushroom Test when it should be the Marshmallow Test. I just corrected it now for any future readers, but for those few of you who read me promptly, take note.

As usual, lots to think about, lots to do. I have scattered pieces of paper with a word or two printed on them - words for me to look up and try to remember. It takes several runs at a word to make it mine, although I do find instant ones i’ve been waiting for. My father used to be my dictionary. I’d ask him a word and he would define it and then use it a couple of times in context in different sentences. Kids at school used to accuse me of poring over a dictionary. I didn’t have to; had a walking one.

I haven’t had my swim yet. Anon, anon.