happy new year, part 2

i’ve been thinking about this. You already know that I consider September to be the real new year when resolutions and plans and hopes are laid for the coming season. My so-called resolutions and plans for last year, 2018, got wrecked and ruined and shelved and I feel as If I’m starting again one year later. I won’t go into detail now. Some of my readers lived through it with me and some were very encouraging. I’m coming into the end zone now and it only took a year.

So what can I say about a new year - a new beginning? - hardly. Just hang in there, I guess. Much as I dislike his male chauvinism, St. Paul had a few helpful things to say in the Psalms. And a little meditation never hurt. Yeah, well, that’s too soft. I found over the last few months that I had to force myself to work.

I suppose that’s’ what’s called discipline.