safe sex

In my time away from my traumatic work on my book, I am wrung out and limp, content to sit like a lump and gaze slack-jawed at what someone once described television as “chewing gum for the mind”. Not that my book is any great mental exercise. It’s my recalcitrant fingers on the keyboard that give me the most trouble corercting the typos, plus checking antecedents, modifiers and punctuation. Anyway, released from this discipline, I sit, just sit, and don’t think much.

Perhaps you have been aware of the Women’s Channel (in my area) or whatever you have wherever you are, that caters - not to say panders - to female frivolous instincts. During the Christmas and pre-season, this women’s channel ran Xmas rom-coms and now it’s WinterFest rom-coms.The Xmas ones (frequently filmed in North Bay, Ontario in the summer when actors have to put ice cubes in their mouths before delivering a line so their breaths will come out frosty in the “winter” air., and they perspire uncomfortably in their winner parkas). In my weakened state, I like them, the stories. There are certain mandatory elements they all have in common: snow (artificial if necessary), a real live Christmas tree with assorted decorations depending on the taste of the characters if they are involved in the tree trimming, or the set designer, if she is are following the orders of the director, who loves lights: angel or star or sentimental icon having something to do with the plot. Christmas music is also a must, often as background music but also as a well-known carol sung by a character or a choir. No overt mention of Jesus but lots of stuff about Santa Claus, who is either a magical or controversial character in the story.

Ooops! The battery and I hare almost run out of power. Re-charge and then back into the fray.