decisions, decisions

I chewed off more than I could bite. The Day of Decision turned out disastrously - entertaining but disastrous - and I ended up being mightily humbled.  I lost yesterday because of it, making up for lost decisions the day before.

I've told you why I won't sign up for Netflix: I have no self-discipline.  Here's another example: WNED (here) or the Public Broadcasting System (wherever you are) ran all the previous seasons of the BBC historical drama, Poldark, all day Sunday, as a prequel and a mnemonic for the new season  about to begin this month.  So I watched, all day; I didn't even watch the afternoon baseball game. I also sort of didn't eat, just pick-up snacks and unbalanced choices, but plus some wine and even a nightcap.  Oy.  Big Bad decisions.  Don't do as I do.

So yesterday I made lots of decisions, and carried them out, in an attempt to justify my existence not only for the day but for the day before as well. Today, after weeks of paralysis, I am ready to tackle the Files.  You know about the Files.  A friend of mine does, too. This morning she phoned and offered her self for three days next week to help me cope with them.  It's a carrot in front of my nose and I am so grateful for it.

That's all for today.  You know my horrible faults.  You may drift on. Me too but I know where I'm going for the next week or so.

Anon, anon.