happy august third already


I'm in Boston with Matt, visiting my daughter and family. We flew here yesterday morning and I was planning  to write a big  blog in the afternoon, in the cool of the basement TV room. Kate had set up Matt with a movie there - or so I thought.  It wasn't a movie, it was a Netflix marathon, 17 episodes of a Marvel Comic series.

So no blog.

 Listen,  I know me: if it flickers i'll watch it.  So I watched, and got hooked. If I had Netflix I wouldn't get any work done. Nada.  I wouldn't read or write or think.  I would just gaze, slack-jawed, at the screen.  Well, maybe i'd watch the Blue Jays, but with the way they're playing these days, I might not.

I am not to be trusted with games or Netflix.

Today we are driving to Maine for a long weekend on their "pond".  Anon, anon.  (That's English for à bientôt.)