blank blog, blankety blank blog

It's been a while.  I have a sluggish body with a brain to match. In the last ten or so days I have suffered three long car trips (round trips, 3-4 hours each way)  with little time between turn-arounds, only two and a  half hours yesterday,  the latest/last,  albeit in a comfortable car (Mercedes) with AC and  an excellent driver, pleasant companions and good conversation, but my bod froze into the sitting position and it was hard to get out of the car and to stand up when the trip was over. So I haven't been writing.

Been thinking a lot, though, and perhaps learning something, too. I'll try to summarize: a thought per day?

1. I'll start by putting you on hold. I have  a long-standing engagement to see an old movie I've been wanting to see for years: The Leopard.  And so won't be six days this time.