happy united states day?

Crazy week.  Still trying to catch up.

Long Day's Journey Into Night (1942),   by Nobel laureate in Literature Eugene O'Neill (1888-1953). That was the third play I saw at Stratford last week. I guess it was the third time i've seen it.  I liked the first time, with William Hutt and Martha Henry. But face it.  Actually I don't really like the play. I'm too young!  It was modern, realistic, ahead of its time even, - -then. that was then, this is now, now even 10-20 hers ago.  I'd seen all that kitchen-sink dissension and living room discord - middle-class friction - you know.  I'd seen it before I ever saw Long Days' Journey. But I didn't like it. I like wit, comedy and satire better, My fault. So the play is well done,this new production in Stratford. I don't want to see it again.  That's all.

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