more to come

Another day should get me to the bottom of the basket....

Oh yes, indeed. I  spent the entire day on the balcony reading and taking notes, amalgamating and tossing, and getting very antsy about all the stuff I should  know and be doing something about. 

As I look it over, I I see that I should have spent my life very differently, but then I pause as I look back and what could I have done differently? I made expedient choices as I tried to support my family and to protect and enable Matt, my challenged boy.  I remember when I was so busy with him, learning and "playing", I felt that any day I missed with him was a LOST day, irrecoverable.   It  was imperative that I help him progress every day. I feel that way about my writing, too.  Matt trumped my writing for a long time, though.  There's no way I can make up for lost time now. But I can keep working, as long as I am able.

What else would I do?