four generations

I spent an hour yesterday holding my new great grandson for the first time.  He has black hair and big hands.  His father (my grandson, William) and I agreed that if the baby is like a puppy whose size you predict by looking at its paws, then Logan will be a big man. I don't know what colour his eyes are; he was asleep the whole time. 

I've already discussed The Long Now, the 200-year present available in living memory to people fortunate enough to be old, like me, with a long memory and an intelligible future, with a second, third, and now fourth generation to extend our present into the future.  I don't think I expressed that very well. It's an awesome concept. I'm teetering on the edge of posterity, and fully aware.

So that was yesterday. And this is my blog for today. I am nothing if not eclectic - and long-lived.