how do i justify my existence?

Zip. There went another day.  And another day may disappear if I'm not careful.  Not yet.

*     #     &     ?     !

Well, not quite. Yesterday I didn't get near my electronic servants/masters. I spent the day, long overdue, with my son, Matthew. I went to his place and talked to his counsellor, whom I also had seen rather intermittently over the past few months. I missed her birthday because she was too busy at the time but  I continued a tradition I began a few years ago: taking her to lunch and treating her to a book of her choice, after she has browsed (for a long time!).  So, after our discussion - about air conditioning, of which more anon - we went to a great burger and shake place for two sliders each. And then Matt and I went to WalMart to see if we could find a room air conditioner because the one in their window is not working and if anyone has noticed, it has been very hot recently, so it would be nice if they could cool off a little. 

We didn't find what we needed (I don't know what we needed), but it took a while and then it took a while to get home and it was hot but I got online to find out more about air conditioners. I still don't understand.  I made a light supper for us (after those sliders for lunch) and we watched a movie-on-demand. I don't use Netflix because if I had it I would do nothing but watch movies so I pay for one at a time - to guarantee fewer.

And there went the day, and today the same, except I managed to put in a couple of hours at - guess what-- my long-suffering screenplay before Matt came for us to go to a movie - his treat, thanks to a gift coupon he received for his birthday.   We went to Incredibles 2 and it was very funny. So them we went home and I was feeling kind of dizzy and a nice woman on the subway train took one look at my face and gave me her seat and she was younger than I. I had a short nap and then we made dinner. I say we because Matt works the Spiralizer for me and made a pile of Zoodles. We had Zoodles and shrimp with basil-garlic pesto I made with basil from my balcony garden.  And then we re-watched the on-demand movie we watched last night, to get the story straight (it was Murder on the Orient Express) while i multi-tasked and finished going through half a dozen TLSes, clipping and making notes. (Sill more work to do with follow-ups).

 And it's the end of the day and tomorrow is another one. I'm going to try to finish that screenplay -  again - in the coming week.  And several blogs.

Please, hang in there.