hold it

The days are sliding by, very quickly this week.  Thinking takes time.  I have a fresh, or another, or a recurring - all of the above - creative problem I am wrestling with. I'll have to declare the weekend offline so I can work it out. In the meantime, I keep having catnaps, never longer than 30 minutes but dismayingly frequent, some days.  ( I think it's old age. Or  maybe heavy thinking. Look up narcolepsy.)  

This afternoon I had a very welcome visitor who no longer lives in Toronto.  Not that far away - she is still in Ontario - but I hadn't seen her for two years. We had a piccolo of Codorniu (well, two piccolos) and fresh raspberries on my balcony, in spite of the heat. By the time she left, I had to prepare my dinner, eat, and clear up to be ready for the Blue Jays game (as I write they're winning but that could change). NOPE: THEY WON!!

Then I had to doze a little, and have dessert (strawberries and blueberries. I like any fruit as long as it's berries). Soon it will be time to go to bed - and to think some more. SOW - remember I reported a few days ago on  that survey about all the thoughts running around in your head, 98 per cent of them re-runs and 80 percent of the re-runs very pessimistic.  My afternoon visitor controls unbidden emotional swings with prayer and scripture. I have another friend who does an hour's meditation every morning before the day begins. I call my morning swim wet meditation. I clear my emotional slate, and I plan my meals and my blog. Once a week I wash my hair.

Does that help?

Maybe I'm too old for a blog.  You who are young need me as your front-runner but not, I fear,  as an effective role model, effective, that is,  if  you do as I say and ignore what I'm doing. What am I doing?

 I forget.