learn something every day

I was sitting with my elbow on ice yesterday and needed distraction, as if one isn't already distracted by life. I chose something from Rogers on Demand, curious about the title" "Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool". Have you heard of it?  Just issued in 2017, fairly good reviews, didn't go anywhere.

It's based on the eponymous book by Peter Turner  about his love affair with actress Gloria Grahame when she was in her fifties and he was 26.  Remember Gloria Grahame?  I do, but I didn't remember that Grahame is spelled with an e. She was  saved from a bad life by Jimmy Stewart in "It's a A Wonderful Life";  she was the errant wife in "The Bad and the Beautiful":  and she was Betty Hutton's competition in "The Greatest Show on Earth".  That's from my memory. I'll look her up now.... 

She won the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in The Bad and the Beautiful (1952), and seems to be the very model of the sexy, tempting women in a series of film noir movies but she  never became a front-rank star. Her life was wrecked by scandal. Late in her life she met young Peter Turner and became the everlasting love of his life. She turned to him when she was ill and lived with him and his family in Liverpool, until one of her sons took her back to New York to die within hours of arriving.

Peter Turner (played by Jamie Bell, of Billy Eliot fame, co-starring with Annette Benning) is in his 60s now and the author of the book about his love and Grahame's  death. He never married; he's still in love with her.  The movie is not a soap opera, saved by the strength and credibility of the two leading actors.  

One of the articles I read about Grahame quoted a line of hers from The Bad and he Beautiful that I have used for years: "I am happy to say."  It indicates giving into temptation in a charming way.  (Simple example:  "You are tempting me, I am happy to say.")

My elbow is on ice again today, as I write.  How do we know where we're going until we see where we've been?