victoria day weekend

Does anyone remember that May 24 was Queen Victoria's birth date?  I don't know when it was declared a national holiday but I do remember that in my youth it was always celebrated on THE day, no matter what day the 24th fell on. I can remember when I was in high school it fell on a Thursday and I went on a "bike hike" with some friends to a remote area on the Assiniboine River, now totally built up with upscale houses and retirement homes (I was in one last week).  The hike consisted of pedalling like crazy over gravel roads to a likely spot on the river bank, not a park, eating a sandwich and going back - a long way to go for a picnic.  We seemed to think it was fun.

It's a weekend now, the first three days off for us since Easter.  The United States doesn't get Good Friday off but they do get Memorial Day, the weekend after Victoria Day. That was yesterday, not the weekend but the day.

Did you light a sparkler?