is there another word for word?

The bits of paper are pillng up around me. I must deal with these words before I become logged down in my blog.

No.     I must try to deal with this horrible massacre that happened in Toronto yesterday:  10 people dead, 14 in hospital, badly injured.  I'm watching the evening news with the touching report of the aftermath.  

I went shopping this afternoon, walking to my local bank and grocery store. At a street crossing, waiting for the light to change, a young Asian-Canadian woman spoke to me - or did I speak first? Together we sadly acknowledged what is on everyone's mind today, the sad sad destruction not only of the people who were murdered or grievously hurt but also of our belief and confidence in the city/country we live in.  

Shock. Denial.

 "We're not like that," she said.

 "No, we're not."  

We crossed the street, talking as neighbours do.   We parted. "Take care," she said. You too.

I may not get to the words tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.   

Tomorrow is another day.

I'm counting on it.