a-blogging i will go

I'll be home all day today, lots to catch up. I was doing interesting things and I have a few blog-thoughts to mull over.  (or just mull?)  You mull wine (what does that mean exactly?  How?)  But you mull over thoughts, I think.  What else? 

mull verb [ with obj.]:  think about (something) deeply and at length: she began to mull over the various possibilities.  ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: of uncertain origin.  mull 2 verb [ with obj. ] ;  (usu. as adj. mulled )warm (an alcoholic drink, especially wine or beer) and add sugar and spices to it: a glass of mulled wine.  ORIGIN early 17th cent.: of unknown origin.mull, noun:  humus formed under non-acid conditions.     ORIGIN 1920s: from Danish muld ‘soil’.mull, noun:  [ in place names ] Scottish:  a promontory: the Mull of Kintyre.  ORIGIN Middle English: compare with Scottish Gaelic maol and Icelandic múli . mull 5 noun:           thin, soft, plain muslin, used in bookbinding for joining the spine of a book to its cover.  ORIGIN late 17th cent.: abbreviation, from Hindi mammal  .Mull:  a large island of the Inner Hebrides; chief town, Tobermory. It is separated from the coast of Scotland near Oban by the Sound of Mull.  [I think I've been there.]

 I'll be back....