the day before

blog, March 31, 2018

Not much to report today.  Too busy.   I swam of course, never miss that.  Baked apple-pecan bran muffins as a hostess gift (didn’t have any wine).   Got home from a family brunch in time to putter a bit and watch the Blue Jays game, third of the new season (vs. Yankees) and they won, first of the new season.  Kevin Pilar stole three bases in one inning!

After that I was totally lazy, watched a couple of old movies.  But here’s the funny thing: I was watching something irrelevant thother night and a finer twist on a character in my almost finished screenplay  popped up.  So you see it wasn’t wasted time.  So maybe something will pop up from today’s  extravagant expenditure of it.

I’ll work tomorrow.