molly's game

I love Aaron Sorkin's writing. I  have a friend who takes me to a movie for my birthday.This year I chose Molly's Game because, as I say, I love Aaron Sorkin's writing.  

This time he directed as well as wrote the screenplay,  based on the eponymous book. He has done biography before: The Social Network - about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook (Oscar, 2011);  Steve Jobs - about Steve Jobs and Apple (Golden Globe winner, 2016); Charlie Wlson's War, (2000), The American President (1996),  A Few Good Men  (1993) - all three Golden Globe nominees.  If you want to write a factual, fascinating story about a real-life person or situation, take a look at Sorkin's methods.  He packs a lot of information into breathless dialogue. You could say his writing is screenplay heavy but he lures you on with effective techniques: attack and counter-attack, praise, threats, inappropriate behaviour, questions (huge questions), distractions, jokes, misdirection and change of direction and of course, always, sub-text.  One is forced to pay very close attention, which pays off later. Heaven help you if you weren't listening.  Plus: he's entertaining. And he stays with you (me).

I woke at three in the morning writing scenes in the screenplay I'm working on, seeing and hearing things I didn't know I knew until Sorkin jarred them out of me.  Now i know I'm better, happy to be clear.

B.J.,'s  game is afoot.