weakening infrastructure

When one piece of the structure goes, the whole framework is weakened.  It's even worse when dealing with human beings.  Like me.  I'm losing it.  Or have lost it.

Well, as they say, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.  So I'll start again.

Tomorrow - whatever day SquareSpace says it is. 

So here it is, late in the day - whatever day...I finally faced the computer, not for creative purposes but to try to straighten out some of my fiddley problems. You all know how many thankless, countless, heartless  hours one can spend coping with glitches  not always of one's own making. As for me, I am pretending I'm getting better physically give or take a box of Kleenex or two. I don't believe in benadryl or mucinex or tylanol cough cure.  I believe in sleep and water, taken internally. 

I was about to refer to Ivan illich (1926-2002), thinking I knew about him. Just shows: you pick up what you understand, what fits your needs and your current rate of development, and the rest is blather. I thought he was a medical doctor.  Uh, uh.  He was a theologian, philosopher, sociologist and historian and before all that -a Catholic priest, a monsignor by the time he was 30, before he bowed out (or was asked?).  He was a thorn in the Vatican's side, among others'. One of his first books was Deschooling, criticising education methods. But the one whose message drifted into my consciousness was Medical Nemesis  (aka Limits to Medicine), developing the idea that medicine causes more harm than good.

The notion of iatrogenic disease -illness caused by physicians or medication - actually was considered a century earlier  by Florence Nightingale. It is now the third leading cause of death (after cancer and heart disease).  Well, I'm not going to dwell on it now.  What I picked up when I first heard the tern was that if  you get sick, sleep more and be well hydrated. That's all.

I could go on but my battery can't.  Anon, anon.