It’s today (that was December 5) already and it’s almost over. (It is over.) Two appointments today, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. That’s enough.

Report first: the Hasselback potatoes were a disaster. I blame my convention oven - not cooked through. But the lamb was gorgeous, and I’m making fish chowder with the potatoes. I never throw anything away, you know that.

I was going to tell you about my patience, limited as it is. Not patience perhaps, just faith in delayed gratification, long time coming. I’m getting my book ready to go to the publisher for treatment/production/and so on. it’s nitpicking time, and I described some of the details for you/me yesterday but they were deleted. I’m not going to repeat myself, probably shouldn’t have mentioned them in the first place - tedious. Just as well. I Iost patience and pushed the wrong key.

And then my laptop cut out and it’s tomorrow already. (December 6) We go on, we go on.