happy december the firstI

I read a book yesterday. So what else is new? Well, normally I am disciplined enough to put a book down when my reading time is up. I am reading a book at the breakfast and lunch table that I put down after breakfast and after lunch. (Actually it’s still easy to put down Milkman. The discipline comes in to keep me going.) I’m reading a mystery in the gym while I pedal, the fourth Galbraith novel by Rowling, and it’s easy to stop and lift some (light) weights. But the new Lee Child book, Past Tense, with Jack Reacher) came in Thursday afternoon and I read it yesterday. It’s like popcorn; I can’t put it down. I don’t like violence and this one is violent. I kind of tolerate it because I like Reacher’s mind. He is observant and intelligent and yes, smart. He killed my day.

Today I went to a play, Every Brilliant Thing, by Duncan MacMillan, with Johnny Donahoe, but other people had a lot to do with its successful charm: the sole actor, Kristen Thomson; the director, Brendan Healy (in his first season at Canadian Stage); and the audience.

I have more to ponder but my eyes won’t stay open.